Wednesday, 5 April 2017

omaru creek is alive again

what a clean creek sould have

What does a clean creek look like and what lives in the creek.

What lives in the creek?
Eels live in the creek.
Dragonflies live in and out of the creek.
There are inserts live in the creek.
Catfish live in the creek.
Frogs live in so creeks.
Gopher snakes live in and out of the creeks but they mostly live in creeks
Freshes crayfish live in the water.
There are ducks that live in the creek

What does a clean creek look like?

A clean creek is clean from polluted and the creek is free from dirtyness  and the creek has nothing mostly nothing wrong with it and the water is nice and fresh.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


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I have learnt that some fractions look different but they are actually the some like 1/7 and 5/7 they are the same but the second fraction is just high just because of the 5 on top of the denominator. But they are just the same.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Buzz buzz arrrr a dragonfly yes a did you know that a dragonflys are good for the creeks and they help the creek but dragonflies are not good for everything like humans they can bite humans if they are protecting something or if someone harms it but you will be lucky if the dragonfly is not that big because the bigger the dragonfly the bigger the bite if you get bitten by one of these things they can bite through your skin and the can take some of your skin off and they can even go into the skin and go through it.

Did you know that the dragonflies can grow up to 20mm or more then that but if people see dragonflies don't try and teach them you will just make things bad. This creature helps us in one way thow they help us with the insects they dragonfly eats the insects.

Did you know when the dragonfly is pregnant with their little baby the go to a clean creek or stream and the lay there eggs on a little tree that stacks out off the water so when they lay their eggs the can lay hundreds of eggs they can lay some on little trees under the water or they just drop them into the water to be lost they lay hundreds of eggs in a few days or weeks in their adult life. Did you know when the laver is ready to become an adult they The larva leaves the water and attaches itself to vegetation and then it breaks throw and there when they are done they go out and they hang out off their old skin and they leave it for another dragonfly to use it.

Dragonfly are important to use and they help use too.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

writing about room7

Name: Genesis

Success Criteria:
Topic Sentence
Detail Sentences
Concluding Sentence
Capitals and Punctuation
Room 7 has been getting more lazier and messier. Recently our class has untidy and messy work that is up on the wall and our work is untidy and some of the rubbish is getting overfull and now people is just getting lazy and they just throw their rubbish under other people's desks and when the teacher says hows is this on one ano up to it. Now when you walk into room 7 it doesn't look like a classroom, it like vortexes with rubbish all over the place that because people are lazy.


Topic sentences.
Detail sentences.
Concluding sentences.


Paragraph                          21/3/2017

  •  A topic sentence.
  • Detail Sentences.
  • Concluding Sentence.
  • Capitals and Punctuation.

Do you know that Charm ravarua is a clumsy boy. But he is one of my best friends and the most funniest person I now when he talks about something he always comes up with something funny and it cracks me up and charm has funny hands movements and he is a caring fallow but sometimes he goes off track sometimes but after all he is a person how can crack you up when you are around him. To be honest he is one of the funniest person that I know.


Topic sentences.
Detail sentences.
Concluding sentences.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The little deer got saved the first time but not the second time..............

Bang bang!!!
As the hunters shot a deer. When they shot the deer the deer dropped to the ground with silence and once they shot the deer they went running to the deer to finish it off just in case the deer was still alive we they shot the deer the deer was a mummy deer and the deer just gave birth to her little cabb. When they had found the cabb that little pour thing was all a lon by it self crying calling out to the mother but no one came for it so they decided to shot the baby deer to but the didn't want to be sad the baby deer was hopeless and the mother was not there to look after the little thing so they decided to take the deer and put it somewhere else so nobody will find the poor helpless little deer.

So when they dropped the little deer of to a place nobody knew before but one day a family went camping and they were there getting there camp read for the time they were going to stay there for but we they set up and put the food out for dinner the deer came and took the food and ran back into a boas and when the my came out to get dinner ready there dinner wasn't there and my said did you even get the saf ready for dinner said mum to son and he said yes i did mum i think you just not looking hard enough no sun nothing is there what did you say if i find it you are just not looking hard anaf ok then if you say my. Mum look there is a little deer over there eating our food when dad went over to have a look at the deer dad said we are going take it back home so dad said if it is stall hear tomorrow we can take it home and the sun said yes ok then so there they were going to sleep but the next day the wock up and the deer was stall there laying down on the bags they left out side so there they were mum said this is bad ok i think we should leave it here but dad said no I made a deal with son and you know what he's like when we make a deal and we back out he get so mad at us we are taking him home ok said with a grin on her face so there was dad ording a trailer when they got the trailer they had to put the deer in the trailer once they got him the trailer they were on the road they deer went sleep because he was bored but when he woke up they already had him a little home for him until they move out but 5 years later the family came back from the shop the deer was dead he got shot in the median of the head and stab in the neck and they gartered him and took his grats it was so sad and unhappy for the family they didn't like what they did to there best friend their best mate and to the one that looked after the house but it was his turn to go away to where his mum is.

I hope you liked my story.